God Wants Boys to be Boys

Our job is not to “hardwire” them differently, but to install “biblical software” into their lives that will channel their natural assertiveness, competitiveness, and yes, loudness in a manner that honors Christ. As we instill biblical principles of manhood and servant leadership skills into the lives of boys and young men, God-pleasing husbands, fathers, and world-changers will emerge.

Boys Emulate Men they Admire and Respect

The apostle Paul instructs that godly men in the church play a role in bringing boys into biblical manhood (Titus 2:6,8). The process starts, ideally, in a loving home and is reinforced with the active involvement of godly men. If we could take their motto from 1 Corinthians 11:1, it would be,
“Follow me as I follow Christ.”

Royal Rangers is fun for both men and boys

To facilitate the mentoring relationship, Royal Rangers exercises the interest men and boys already ave, like outdoor and sporting activities, trades, technologies, and arts/ministry. Royal Rangers uses proves mentoring resources to help boys become godly, confident, wise, and compassionate leaders.

Royal Rangers is fun with a Purpose

By intentionally developing the mentoring relationship, Royal Rangers equips the next generation of men (husbands, fathers, businessmen, and church leaders) and empowers them to be lifelong servant leaders. The boys and young men just think they’re having fun instead of being discipled.